McDonald’s Arch Enemies

Coordinated this fun and loveable 2D animated spot for McDonald’s which calls for even the most notorious of arch enemies to come together, directed by Buck.


Directed by: Buck
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Sr. Producer: Nick Terzich
Coordinators: Kaitlyn Mahoney, Anica Cramer
Creative Director: Josh Harvey
Associate Creative Director: Jenny Ko
Animation Director: Ariel Costa
Designers: Yuki Yamada, Gunnar Pettersson, Xoana Herrera, Jenny Ko, Kenesha Sneed, Trevor Conrad, Joe Mullen
Animators: Ariel Costa, Esteban Esquivo, Takuya Hosogane, Nick Petley, Daniel Coutinho, Chris Anderson, Moses Journey, Justin Mays, Alex Perry